Our competitive industry demands a dedication to quality, and that dedication must be continually built upon. We are confronted daily by challenges posed by technology, an expanding and more sophisticated marketplace, and the need for both affordability and profitability. Managing the changes that are required to meet these challenges demands a commitment to excellence for which SEAS will become recognized.

Five principles for a continued emphasis on quality are established by SEAS:

  • Quality improvement is the result of management leadership
  • Everyone must be involved in the process
  • No level of defect is acceptable
  • Quality improvement reduces the total cost
  • The focus of improvement must be on the process(es)

Quality is everyone's job. Each individual at SEAS must assume the responsibility for a defect-free operation.

SEAS proudly displays the IPC logo. IPC is a global trade association dedicated to competitive excellence, representing all facets of the electronic interconnection industry, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing, and electronic assembly.

IPC devotes its resources to promulgating technology enhancement programs, creating relevant standards, and protecting the environment. Membership in the IPC association assumes meeting stringent standards, and maintaining up-to-date training.

IPC logo

SEAS quality control program ensures high standards and rigorous inspections. Products are manufactured and inspected in accordance with IPC-A-610 unless otherwise specified by the customer. A copy of our baseline quality control manual is available upon request. SEAS has made significant investments in employee training, IPC training material and documentation.

SEAS has a full IPC library on-site pertaining to PCB assembly, rework and repair, PCB fabrication and wire harness assembly. SEAS also has an IPC trainer on staff. You may be certain your product will be manufactured by properly trained personnel focused on providing a high quality product.